Baby sling is good or good with strap

1. From the perspective of force, baby slings are better.
Analysis of the reasons: The strap is the two seat belts on the shoulders, and the baby will be very heavy after the big point. The two straps are easy to pull the shoulders of the mother. The sling is a shoulder pad wrapped around the shoulder, combined with the hips, and evenly stressed. It's easy to save a lot of effort.
2. Functional aspects From a functional point of view, both have their own merits.
Analysis of the cause: The baby carrying the sling can experience the warmth and security, and the parents can understand the baby's needs more and be able to take care of him immediately. When using a baby sling, you need your mother to attach it with a small hand to make the baby more stable and more intimate. The straps generally have a detachable headgear design to effectively protect the newborn baby's head and also play a role in keeping warm and windproof. The baby carrier can hold the baby of low moon age very stable. When using the baby carrier, the mother's hands can be vacated and the action is light. However, the age of use is low, and there is a small area of ​​the strap and a strong pressure, so the baby can not stay in the strap for a long time.


3. Use feelings Baby's sling is better from the baby's experience.
Analysis of the reasons: There are a lot of safety buckles on the back. When using it, you must first use the safety buckle to tie the baby's flowers. This is the reason why many babies can't stand it! The sling is much simpler to use than a piece of clothing. In particular, the baby is asleep, as long as the sling can be placed on the bed together, and the straps must be opened one by one to release the baby.
4. Length of use In terms of length of use, baby slings are better.
Analysis of the cause: The strap requires 30 minutes or so to be put down. The sling is recommended to carry the baby as long as possible. The strap requires the baby to be used in 3 months, and it can't be used up to 30 pounds. Slings can be used from birth to 3 years old or even older.

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