How to use newborn urine pad

When the baby is young, because they can't have the consciousness of defecation and urination, they need to rely on the help of parents when they want to urinate. And newborns under their buttocks still have to diaper and diaper pad, and the reason to use a urine pad is because of fear of the baby's ass tidal wave after the urination. Therefore, it is very necessary to use a urine barrier at this time. How should the newborn urine pad be used?



First, how to use newborn urine pad

1, the suggestion can be directly attached to the child, when the weather is cold, you can add a comfortable list on the top, when the weather is hot, you can put a thin list on it. When the child is wet, you can remove the diaper directly. If the urine pad is also wet, you can take it out and replace it with a new one.

2, the urine pad can prevent the baby from flooding the small butt, because the urine pad is still soft and soft, there are many types of urine pad, it is recommended to use a good quality standard.

3. The diaper pad is placed between the small butt and the diaper to reduce the degree of contamination of the baby's stool or urine to the diaper, making the diaper easier to clean. Therefore, the diaper pad is not a diaper and cannot be used as a substitute for diapers. Note: Do not throw the diaper into the water closet.

4. When you use it, don't let the baby bite with your teeth. Don't let the sharp objects touch. The oily pen or colored pencil can not be erased. Please be careful to keep the product away from the heat source.

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