Why is baby carrier so popular?

        Why is baby carrier so popular?The reason why baby carrier is so popular is that it can liberate the mother's hands and enable mothers to do many things at the same time.From the baby, there are some benefits, such as with the mother closely, more secure.

        Compared with baby carrier, the seat cushion is relatively large, which enables the baby to sit more comfortably, especially the fat baby.But when using the waist stool, the mother always needs to hold the baby with her hands, unlike the braces, she can use her hands freely.

        Pushing the baby in the car is easier for the mother, but there is a particular disadvantage, that is, it is too close to the ground, the baby sitting in the car is particularly vulnerable to the dust and car exhaust.

        And in the winter and other relatively cold weather, the treasure mothers do not have to worry about the baby easily catch cold.

        Baby carrier can carry small babies on its back while doing housework, which is light in weight and does not give itself too much burden.A crying baby put into a harness will soon be quiet and may not be long before he or she falls asleep.In the case of travelling far away and carrying more luggage, you should also use a backpack. Carrying the baby is not easy to be ignored, nor is it easy to cause accidents.

        After 4 to 6 months, the baby can sit upright, which is the safety of sitting in the baby carrier around the parent's hip.However, since the neck muscle of the child at that time was not very strong, parents should choose the face-to-face baby carrier to observe the state of the baby at any time, so as to avoid the suffocation danger caused by baby carrier's squeezing nose and mouth.Also can let the child face outwards to sit in the harness, satisfies the child to the outside curiosity.


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