How to use the newborn baby's cross belt

Many treasure moms choose to buy a baby carrier when they bring their baby. This is not only convenient for them to bring their baby, but also saves a lot of effort when they go out. For born babies, you can choose a horizontal sling strap, which is more conducive to the baby's growth and development, then how to use the newborn baby's cross-hatch strap?

1. Fasten the strap at the waist. If you feel inconvenient, fasten it in front and turn it back to the waist.

2. Hold the baby straight, let her lean against your shoulder, and put a hand behind her head.

3. Pull up the pocket and let the baby's leg pass through the hole in the pocket—usually open the pocket instead of pulling the baby's leg.

4. Pull the shoulder strap to your shoulder with one hand while the other hand has been bearing the weight of the baby.

5. When you are sitting right. The weight of the baby gradually falls onto the harness. When you lean forward, you usually put one hand behind the baby's head because the bracket is not enough to support the weight of the head.



What is the right posture with a baby carrier?

1. Before using the baby carrier, remind you that the baby's spine is not fully developed for 0-6 months. Do not remove the backboard with the horizontally held type. The backboard can effectively support the baby's spine and head. If the newborn baby has insufficient neck support, use the horizontal hug to let the baby lie down. The baby is lying inside to facilitate better development of the spine and easy feeding. Cross-height: suitable for newborns - 6 months, from newborn Until the neck muscle development is completed (recommended baby weight is less than or equal to 6KG).

2, 4-12 months of babies are gradually beginning to develop completely, you can consider taking out the backboard. Vertical holding: 4-12 months (recommended baby weight is less than or equal to 11.3KG).

3, 6-12 months of the baby began to recognize new things, at this time use the pre-hold can help the baby to recognize more new things. The front hug effectively protects the development of the baby's spine, and parents can communicate more with the baby. Front hug: 6-12 months (recommended baby weight is less than or equal to 11.3KG).

        For the use of baby horizontal sling straps, Bao Ma should have a basic understanding of the basics. Bao Ma can choose the appropriate strap according to the baby's growth, which is more convenient for the baby and the baby's growth. When purchasing a baby carrier, it is recommended to choose a good quality, pure cotton material, so that the breathability is better.

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