The necessary in diaper bag when baby & mummy out door: Remember this list, go out and no longer have trouble!

A well-stocked diaper bag can save a whole day. But what do you really need? It depends on how big your child is, how long you have to leave, where you are going, and how you want to prepare. Let's give you a list of going out, so that you can't go out of your way.


Diaper bag list:

  1. Diapers: Go out and prepare one every hour, and then prepare some extras - just in case.
  2. Wipes: If you are not going out for a long time, you can prepare 10 wipes. The wet wipes are not only needed when changing the diaper, but also the baby's sticky hands and dirty face are needed.
  3. No-Hand Sanitizer: When you have time to change your diaper or have no place to clean your hands, use your hand soap to clean your hands and hold your baby.
  4. Plastic bag: used to store dirty diapers, clothes and baby blankets, and then put them in the diaper bag to ensure that the baby can not touch these things.
  5. If you are feeding your baby with a bottle, prepare the bottle milk powder.
  6. Snacks (for older babies and toddlers): Prepare baby food and a spoon according to your baby's age and his usual eating habits.
  7. Blanket: Your baby can be covered in an air-conditioned place, or as a shield, bib, shade cloth, or crepe cloth.
  8. Prepare a piece of clothing and a pair of trousers: You never know when the baby will spit, drool, spill milk or pull the trousers, then you need to replace it.
  9. Pacifier.
  10. Sunscreen or hat protects your baby from the sun.

Tips for choosing a diaper bag:

  1. It is better to choose a waterproof lining to prevent the water from pouring out.
  2. Multiple compartments allow items to be organized and easy to find.
  3. Drugs and snacks are packed in sealed plastic bags.
  4. Try the size of the diaper bag. No bag is comfortable and convenient for everyone.

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