How to help baby pad diapers

The correct diaper is mainly to ensure that the baby's size does not leak, and does not soil the underwear and bedding. One of the most important principles of pad diapers is to keep your baby's knees and hips in a natural state.



First, lay a baby changing mat pad under the baby's body.
When using a rectangular diaper, fold the pad on the buttocks, cover the anus and genitals, and then cover the abdomen. Then put the diapers into the elastic band and arrange them. Some people will sew the cloth on both ends of the diaper. At this time, the cloth on the hips of the hips will be wrapped around the waist, a knot will be placed on the diaper on the abdomen, and then the diaper above the cloth will be turned down and plugged into the anus. can.
When using a triangular diaper, the bottom edge of the triangle diaper is flat, the top corner is passed over the anus and the external genitalia, covering the lower abdomen, and the diaper at the bottom corner is wrapped around the front and buckled in the diaper.
For your baby's comfort, you can use a pair of diapers and rectangular diapers. First put the rectangular diaper on the triangle diaper, then put a corner of the rectangular diaper and the triangle diaper up to the newborn's abdomen, and finally put the triangle diaper over the intestines, the liver and the Philippine Philippine Philippine, in the newborn The abdomen is fixed. Considering the physiological characteristics of the baby boy and the baby girl, the baby boy can be thicker at the top corner of the triangle; the baby girl can be thicker at the bottom edge to avoid the wet clothes.


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